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January 2024  Welcome, Aviya! Aviya is a new PhD student in the lab who will work on the roles of tension and curvature in membrane remodeling. Best of luck in your research!

October 2023  Welcome, Inbar! Inbar joins us as a Master's student. She will work on viral fusion. Happy to have you onboard!

August 2023

Dr. Raya Sorkin won the EBSA young Investigator Award and Medal!

Congratulations, Raviv! Raviv won the best talk award at the EBSA2023 summer school, and also gave a fantastic talk at the conference!


June 2023
Congratulations, Shahar! Shahar won the Dean's PhD fellowship and the Emanual Peled award for excellence in PhD research!


March 2023
Shahar did it again! Congrats, Shahar, for winning a poster award at the BioSoft poster day!

October 2022

We were sad to say goodbye to Inbal, the first master's student in the lab. We wish you much success in your next endeavor!

December 2022

The ERC StG was awarded to the lab! It will allow us to study the role of tetraspanin proteins in membrane remodeling!


Our approach for coating microspheres with natural membranes is now published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces! Congrats Sudheer and team!

Our discovery that TSPAN proteins are curvature sensors is now published in PNAS! Well done, Raviv, Alisa, and everyone!

June 2022 Congrats Shahar for winning a poster award at the ''Random walk in soft matter'' conference! 

June 2022  The NSF-BSF grant was awarded to the lab!

April 2022  Dr. Alisa Ferofontov joins us as senior researcher and lab manager! So happy to have you on board!

February 2022  First poster presentations from the lab! Inbal represented the lab at the BPS meeting in San Francisco, and Raviv presented a poster at ISREV 2022 and won the best poster award! Well done!

October 2021 Welcome, Peter!
Peter is a new Master's student in the lab who will be studying membrane fusion using the powerful combination of micropipette aspiration, optical trapping, and confocal fluorescence microscopy.  Best of luck in your research!

July 2021  Welcome, Adi!
Adi joins us for the summer as part of the prestigious Ratner Summer Program. She will work
on protein sorting using optical tweezers. Best of luck in your research!

June 2021  We had a lovely potluck dinner together to celebrate the end of the semester!

May 2021  Lab renovation completed! So excited to move in to our new and shiny lab space!

20210613_153659 (1).jpg

1 May 2021  Welcome, Sudheer! Dr. Sudheer Kumar Cheppali is joining us from Tsinghua University, where he was a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Sen-Fang Sui at State Key Laboratory of Membrane Biology, Beijing. Sudheer will work on viral membrane fusion. Best of luck in your research, Sudheer! 

16/12/2020  Happy Hanukkah! 

18/10/2020  Congratulations, Inbal! Inbal has won the ADAMA MSc. fellowship, well done! 

15/10/2020  Happy Birthday Ella! 

12/10/2020  Our four outstanding undergraduate students gave their final project presentations today! Excellent work, it was a great event!

10/8/2020  We had a great group meeting today! Many thanks to Gonan Golani from the Kozlov group for an amazing talk on the theory of membrane elasticity!

August 2020

Welcome to the team, Shaked TuvalShahar Cohen, and Inbal Lupovitz!

July 2020

The Israel Science Foundation (ISF) grant was awarded to the lab!

Congratulations, Ella! Ella Wolowelsky has won the Women in Chemistry Best Undergraduate Project Award! Well done!


Welcome, Raviv! Raviv Dharan is a new PhD Student, who will work on membrane fusion in fertilization. Raviv is a  Pharmaceutical Engineer, and he joins us from HUJI where he completed his M.Sc. cum laude in Biophysics, at the group of Prof. Uri Raviv. We wish you much success in your research!

1/7/2020  SORKIN LAB is officially open!!!

April 2020

Welcome, Shahar, Ella and Chen! 

Shahar Goren is a PhD student working on force propagation in fibrous gells, jointly supervised with Dr. Ayelet Lesman from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at TAU. Ella Wolowelsky and Chen Shaharbani are undergraduate students, who will use optical tweezers to study membrane fusion. Happy to have you all in the team!

January 2020


We are super excited that our new C-trap, correlative optical tweezers and confocal fluorescence microscopy instrument, is up and running! Thank you LUMICKS for the smooth installation and training and for the nice news item!  

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