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Selected Publications

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Membrane Tension Inhibits Lipid Mixing by Increasing the Hemifusion Stalk Energy, Shendrik P., Golani G., Dharan R., Schwarz U. S., and Sorkin R., ACS Nano, 2023,


Tetraspanin 4 stabilizes membrane swellings and facilitates their maturation into migrasomes, Dharan, R., Huang Y., Cheppali S. K., Goren S., Shendrik P., Wang W., Kozlov M. M., Yu L., and Sorkin R., Nature Communications, 14, 1037 (2023)

Probing Local Force Propagation in Tensed Fibrous Gels, Goren S., Levin M., Brand G., Lesman A. and  Sorkin R., Small, (2022), 2202573

Supported Natural Membranes on Microspheres for Protein–Protein Interaction Studies, Cheppali S. K., Dharan R., Katzenelson R., Sorkin R.,

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2022),

Transmembrane Proteins Tetraspanin 4 and CD9 Sense Membrane Curvature, Dharan, R.; Goren, S.; Cheppali, S. K.; Shendrik, P.; Brand, G.; Vaknin, A.; Yu, L.; Kozlov, M. M.; Sorkin, R. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (2022), 119,43, e2208993119.

Forces of Change: Optical Tweezers in Membrane Remodeling Studies Cheppali S. K., Dharan R., Sorkin R, Journal of Membrane Biology, (2022)

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Synaptotagmin-1 and Doc2b exhibit distinct membrane remodeling mechanisms, Sorkin R., Marchetti M., Logtenberg E., Kerklingh E., Brand G., Voleti R., Roos W. H.,  Rizo J., Groffen A. J. & Wuite G. J. L., Biophysical Journal, (2019), 118(3), 643-656 

The fluid membrane determines mechanics of erythrocyte extracellular vesicles and is softened in hereditary spherocytosis, Vorselen D., Van Dommelen S. M., Sorkin R., Piontek M.C, Schiller J., Dopp S.T., Kooijmans S.A.A., van Oirschot B. A., Versluijs B. A., Bierings M. B., van Wijk R., Schiffelers R.M., Wuite G. J. L. and Roos W. H., Nature Communications (2018) 9(1):4960



Nanomechanics of extracellular vesicles reveals vesiculation pathways, Sorkin R., Huisjes R., Bošković F., Vorselen D., Pignatelli S., Ofir-Birin Y., Freitas Leal J. K., Schiller J., Roos W. H., Bosman G., Regev-Rudzki N., Schiffelers R. M., Wuite G. J. L., Small, (2018) 1801650


Probing cellular mechanics with Acoustic Force Spectroscopy, Sorkin R., Bergamaschi G., Kamsma D., Brand G., Dekel E., Ofir-Birin Y., Gironella M., Ritort F., Regev-Rudzki N., Roos W. H. & Wuite G. J. L., Molecular Biology of the Cell, (2018) doi: 10.1091/mbc

Supported Planar Mammalian Membranes as Models of in Vivo Cell Surface Architectures, Liu H-Y., Grant H., Hsu H-L, Sorkin R., Bošković F.; Wuite, G.J.L.; Daniel S., ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, (2017), 9 (41), pp 35526–35538.


Effect of cholesterol on the stability and lubrication efficiency of Phosphatidylcholine surface layers, Sorkin R., Kampf N. and Klein J. Langmuir (2017), 33 (30), pp 7459–7467

The effect of the serum corona on interactions between a single nano-object and a living cell, Dror Y., Sorkin R., Brand G., Boubriak O., Urban J., Klein J., Nature Scientific Reports, (2017), Doi: 10.1038/srep45758

Hydration lubrication and shear-induced self-healing of lipid bilayer boundary lubricants in phosphatidylcholine dispersions Sorkin R., Kampf N., Zhu L. and Klein J., Soft Matter, (2016) ,12, 2773-2784

Mechanical stability and lubrication by phosphatidylcholine boundary layers in the vesicular and in the extended lamellar phases, Sorkin R., Dror Y., Kampf N., Klein J., Langmuir, (2014). Doi: 10.1021/la500420u


Origins of extreme boundary lubrication by phosphatidylcholine liposomes, Sorkin R., Kampf N., Dror Y., Shimoni E., Klein J., Biomaterials, 34, (2013), 5465-5475


Process entanglement as a neuronal anchorage mechanism to rough surfaces, Sorkin R., Greenbaum A., Pur M. D., Anava S., Ayali A., Ben Jacob E. and Hanein Y., Nanotechnology, 20, 1 (2009),015101



Compact self-wiring in cultured neural networks, Sorkin R., Gabay T., Blinder P., Baranes D., Ben Jacob E. and Hanein Y., Journal of Neural Engineering, 3, 2 (2006), 95-101.

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